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SANTA CRUZ TRAIL - Cordillera Blanca - Perú

The mountain season started in the Cordillera Blanca. The Santa Cruz Trail is the most known trek in that region, located in the National Park Huascaran. It's a 4 day-3 Nights program, that start in Huaraz the capital of Ancash. 

On the trail you get to see these snow-capped mountains, such as the Huascaran(6,768 mts.), Huandoy (6,395 mts.), Chopicalqui (6,354 mts.),  Taulliraju (5,830 mts.), Artesonraju (6,025 mts.), and Alpamayo (5,947 mts.).
There are two high panoramic viewpoints, Portachuelo de Llanganuco (4,750 mts) and the  Punta Unión Pass (4,750). There are small villages on the road, Colcabamba, Huaripampa and Cashapampa and lakes which are located in these valleys making the scenery spectacular.
If you like to make your reservation be welcome to do it at our office in Lima.  

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