martes, 19 de abril de 2011


In look for an alternative to the South Tour Circuit, here we present the new tour that lasts 16 days being able to see these Pre-Inca Archaeological Wonders located along the North Coast and North Andes of Peru. The places to visit are: Caral, Casma (Sechin, Chanquillo), Huaraz (Chavin), Trujillo (Huaca La Luna, Chan Chan, Huaca Arco Iris, Huaca El Brujo), Chiclayo (Sipan, Tumbas Reales of Sipan, Brüning Museum, Tucume, Sican Museum), ending in the Central Andes visiting Markawasi the Esoteric Rock Forest and principal Energy Center of Peru.

This program is made for persons that want to go and visit these places with a trip leader guide that speaks English, since in some of the Archaeological site, the local guides speak only Spanish and others there is no guides. The trip is made on local transportation. The hotels can be 3*** or 2** according to your budget. The meals are on your own.
This way it makes you participate closer to the local people and travel more secure, since you have personal assistance of a professional guide.

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